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The steel filing cabinet is the necessities and common products in daily life. The steel filing cabinet is used in offices, archives, reference rooms, storage rooms and study rooms. However, there are many kinds of steel filing cabinets in the market, which one is the most cost-effective

1What material should be used for steel filing cabinet

At present, the steel file cabinet on the market is mainly made of steel and wood. Steel file cabinet is also called sheet steel file cabinet. It has good tolerance, long practical life and easy maintenance. It is the most popular in modern steel file cabinet. The wooden steel file cabinet is high-end and atmospheric, with beautiful style. It is mostly used in families and high-end office places, and is deeply loved by elites.

2What price steel filing cabinets are suitable for various fields

Steel filing cabinets are mostly used in offices, archives and reference rooms with more materials. Due to the limitation of its function, the applicable field of steel filing cabinet is not much, so the key is to choose the steel filing cabinet which is consistent with the overall decoration style of the environment.

Generally speaking, the price of steel filing cabinet is directly related to the material and workmanship. The so-called penny, penny goods, as long as the material and technology are determined, generally speaking, the steel filing cabinet with cheap and beautiful materials will be selected.

3How long is the warranty period of general steel filing cabinet

The function of the steel file cabinet determines that the steel file cabinet must have a long service life. Therefore, the warranty period and warranty period of the steel file cabinet are also important considerations for purchase.



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