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New CNC Cutting Machine Arrived!!!
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Almost all the metal cabinets in the office are almost the same in length, because they are produced by the mass production of molds, generally there will be no big change. However, if some customers need some special customized products, it will be more troublesome. If they need to redesign and open the mold, it will be more troublesome and the production cycle will be extended. However, since the laser cutting process, the tin cabinet manufacturers no longer need to worry about customers buying unconventional tin cabinet products. Because the laser cutting machine can not only do the processing of conventional products, for special specifications of products only need to be re typeset mapping can be directly produced. It has greatly enhanced the plasticity of the company's products, expanded the scope of product production, naturally increased the number of customers, and gradually improved the corresponding market competitiveness.

The production efficiency of the cabinet has been greatly improved. Cabinet manufacturers generally adopt the operation method of manual operation and small machine cooperation, which is relatively low efficiency, after all, it needs human operation. However, it's totally different after the laser cutting machine is added. For some more complex cutting shapes in the production of the iron cabinet, all can be operated by the laser cutting machine, which is not only fast, but also greatly improved in accuracy. The iron cabinet produced is more exquisite and stylish.

Moreover, the surface cut by laser cutting machine is smooth without burr, and does not contact with the surface of steel plate directly, so the work piece rarely has mechanical deformation. In terms of the cabinet manufacturing line, the introduction of such advanced, high-tech, high-quality laser cutting machine is really a new leap in the production process of the cabinet.



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