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Metal Furniture VS Wood Furniture Editor:jeanterClick:Time:2015-05-20 13:37
1. The Advantage of the Metal Furniture 
Inexpensive- The most abundant metal found in the earth's crust, Iron is widely available. This means it's super cheap to get and inexpensive to buy. What's more, the Metal furniture can be used at least 30 years, so it will cost less money in the long run. 
Malleable- Metal is also easy to work with, so manufacturers can make a variety of styles and designs. 
Durability- Metal Furniture can be used at least 30 years, it will be more durability compared with the wood furniture. 
Scope of Application- It can use in indoor or outsoor. You may find both sun and rain, but you will find that it will not get rust. 
2. The Disadvantage of the Wood Furniture 
Expensive- The price for the Solid Wood is very expensive. 
Style- Once you confirm the style of the Wood Furniture, it can not change any more. Because it don't have the ductility. 
Weather Factor- Wood Furniture can not use in the wet or damp areas, such as the coastal area. 
Damaged by Worms- Wood is easy damaged by worms. 

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