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Metal Furniture VS Wood Furniture

1. The Advantage of the Metal Furniture Inexpensive- The most abundant metal found in the earths crust, Iron is widely available. This means its super cheap to get and inexpensive to buy. Whats more, the Metal furniture can be used at least...

Types Of Mobile Shelving

Manual mobile shelving Mobile storage systems are usually constructed with a rotary handle on the exterior accessible face. When rotated, the handle operates the mechanism which winds the single, connected, filing unit either left or right,...

Maintain Tips for Steel Office Furniture

1.Dust : The dust should be cleaned freqyently, because the dust will be accumulated of the surface of steel furniture day by day. It is better to use the cotton textiles 100% to clean, such as used T- shirt or Baby coton etc. Do not use a...

Structure of the Mobile Shelving

It can be divided into four mian parts: 1.External Structure: Base, Column/ Pillar, Side Plate, Roof Plate 2.Internal Structure: Tier Shelf, Hanging Shelf, Barrier Strip, Internal Column/ Pillar 3.Driving System: Bearing, Rail, Chains, Conn...

The Advantage Of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving units are special storage units that are designed to increase the storage capacity of an office or warehouse. They are movable filing cabinets that are generally mounted on a track....

The 35th China International Office Furni

Guangzhou Jeanter Office Furniture CO.,LTD. will participate in the 35 th China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) in Guangzhou . Our booth number is 2.2 C15 . Let us meet on 28 th March to 1 st April....